Daphne promises a great day out with fans in Yaounde


On the 7th of May, get to meet Cameroon diva Daphne at Café De France Yaounde from 4pm – 8pm. On this date, Daphne(Rastafari queen), will be meeting her fans in the nation’s capital. To showcase the solidarity of our 237 entertainment industry, there will be guest appearances from Kamer finest male artists Locko and Numerica. 

Locko who has with time created a unique niche for his art by having songs like “Margo”, “Nduttu”, “Dans Mon Ré” will be part of this event, alongside Numerica,

distinct in his brand of music with songs like “Kossa Moi Ça”, “You and Me”, “La Magie” etcGet to meet Kamer’s pioneer female artist who has with time quenched the musical thirst of fans worldwide. By realiseang on songs like “Rastafari” mother’s Love”,”Broken” and many others has put her into the lame light of the Camair music industry.





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