One of Bamenda’s proudest exports Pascal drops volume 2 of album with bogger and better collabo’s

pascal (right), tilla (right), tata (center)


Pascal releases Volume II The Prelude Fresh off the success of his Work Dey Vol. 1 EP release, Pascal drops a follow-up EP that continues to show off his prolific writing skills and artistry as an MC. Pascal’s five song EP takes the listeners through the struggles and triumphs of coming up as an artist in Cameroon.

Rapping in Pidgin and English, Pascal tells stories that convey the weight of hard work and perseverance required to succeed in Cameroon and beyond. Pascal’s energy and constant flow kick off with “King Don Kam,” a trap-laced intro that evolves into a spacious, electronic place where he speaks on hardships, and transitions into the driving beat as he explains his motivation for continuing to strive for more. From the Afro-pop-influenced “Kana,” the heartfelt, Bafut-inspired “Manka’a,” and the anthem “Elevate” featuring Jovi, Pascal’s ability to self-reflect and inspire his fans by talking about real life brings us back to the essence of what hip hop is all about.

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